Confession: I am a reluctant bride.

Hey kids.

So…I’m about seven months out from D-day, i.e. my wedding.  I’ve been planning this shindig for a year and a half now but recently it’s all become very, very real.  As in, “Lady, you finally have to get up and DO all of those wonderful projects you have planned for this party!”  Plus, I’m a long-distance bride living in New England while the event is in Southeast Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, so even though I’ve enjoyed a year and a half of being an absent bride, that honeymoon is decidedly over.

 So why the reluctance?


It’s not due to the man I’m marrying–he’s absolutely wonderful and we’ve been together for nearly eight years.  Had this been up to us entirely, we would have been married by now, preferably having run off to Vegas to do the deed.  That, however, is not an option as our families would never forgive us, so instead we’re trying to take on the traditional wedding on our terms.  I pledged myself to not get caught up in the melodrama that surrounds so many weddings, and up until recently I’ve stayed far, far away from places like and the forums contained therein.

So if I’m seemingly so against the industry machine, if I’m “just not that into planning,” why on earth am I blogging about it, you ask?

Even though I’m not loving having to go through this, I still have to do it.  And I’m getting tired of hearing myself talk endlessly about it with my poor friends (as they say, no one ever cares as much about your wedding as you do), so it’s clear I need an outlet for this.  So here I am, filling the internet with more tales of working with vendors, completing DIY projects, and praying that everything comes together smashingly.

So here we go…

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