Confession: blogging about wedding planning is becoming addictive.

Salacious confession, no?  😉  As a longtime blogger I’m very much aware that a good selection of links makes any blog more useful to their readers.  (Granted, I’ve had no hits since I started this a few days ago, so right now I’m speaking to an empty room.  But that’ll change…I hope).

Being that this is a wedding-themed blog, I’ve created wedding-themed categories:


crafting resources:  These are sites that I’ve either used or will likely use in the coming months to finish my DIY projects, both wedding-related and not.

  • Beadworks:  While visiting the physical store is preferable–especially when browsing for inspiration–locations are scattered (the closest one to me is a good 45 minutes away!).  Great collections of hard-to-find beads, including fancy gemstones.
  • Crafts, Etc.–Online resource for basic beading supplies at lower prices than Beadworks.
  • JoAnn Fabrics:  Nationwide chain of sewing and crafting needs.  Again, good for inexpensive materials.
  • Paper Source:  Found this originally through Weddingbee users, and a great collection of papers (obviously), unique gifts and albums.  Reasonable prices and very fast service.
  • The Paper Mill:  Great for buying large quantities of paper for a variety of needs–will likely turn to this group in order to make my programs and favors.

favorite inspirational catalogs:  these are the catalogs that I get once a month (if not more often) and I can’t help but look through them thanks to sumptuous set design and quirky styling.

  • A.P.C.:  A French clothing company specializing in minimalistic clothes that ooze with that certain casual French chic.  If it were in my price range I’d be always kitted out in this; sadly, my budget only allows a few pieces per year.
  • Anthropologie:  Another expensive line, they tempt me monthly with visions of spice markets and libraries.  A great starting off point when looking for accessory design inspiration–but proceed with caution.
  • J.Crew:  will get its very own post for reasons I will elaborate on later. 
  •  I’ll explain this one later as well…
  • The MoMA Design Store:  generally a wonderful resource for quirky, unexpected gifts–great for couples who “have everything.”  Although if they really do have everything, perhaps a donation would be more appreciated.

general inspiration:  where I go to find something new and different, or to look at something familiar in a completely new way:

  •  great resources for information on all things food, especially if you’re dreaming up your menu for the reception.  Food & Wine is more upscale, but both provide plenty of information at your fingertips.
  • Longwood Gardens:  local to my reception venue in PA, this is an amazing public garden and horticultural center–worth checking out in person, or at least peeking at the photos here.
  • Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art:  All wonderful to visit, and all have excellent online catalogs to view their collections.
  • Style File and W Magazine’s Editors’ Blog:  sure they advocate spending loads of dough that you don’t have on things you don’t need, but every once in a while they post some brilliant photos or an interview with a reasonably interesting designer or artist.

not-so-scary wedding sites:  the title speaks for itself.

  •  to be used sparingly, and mostly for the ability to create online scrapbooks of “clippings” so you can organize vendors, looks and color combinations.  I’d stay away from the forums, though.
  •  the reason why I started blogging in the first place.  There are a number of wonderful blogs from a variety of brides and a very strong DIY focus.  The least scary of the bridal websites I’ve so far come across, with some of the best-written blogs out there.

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