Confession: bridal salons give me the heebie-jeebies, part un.

This is not intended to knock the bridal shop channel, because every one I’ve been to has had great service and were relatively friendly (depending, of course, if I was THE BRIDE or a mere bridesmaid).  But almost from the moment that I learned that J.Crew offered not only adorable bridesmaid dresses but also bridal dresses I was all but certain that my dress would at least look like one from the preppy retailer.

Ah, I remember years ago when the Vivian strapless popped up in the catalog: 


My maid of honor’s younger sister scooped this up last summer as it was going out on clearance for $75, and added a pink sash around the waist to add her own take on it.  She looked absolutely adorable, and it’s pretty difficult to argue with the price.

Even prior to that, a dear friend and colleague chose the Sadie silk faille strapless dress for her low-key Boston loft wedding:

                                73877_bl8780_m_sp08.jpg(Imagine this, only in ivory)

The tulle peeked out from the overskirt, and she wore the cutest little black stilletto pumps.  It was absolutely adorable and carefree, and from that moment I was determined to follow in her footsteps–after all, I am a loyal J.Crew customer and fit into their clothes well–it was more than worth a shot to try.

Coming up in part deux:  misadventures in the J.Crew fitting rooms.  🙂

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  4. Your dress is lovely! I adore the simple elegance of the J. Crew bridal collection! Thank you for the offer to advise me on the BM dresses;) I hope you won’t mind when I take you up on it!

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