Confession: I am not a gym rat,

But that’s not to say I haven’t been exercising.

When it comes to physical fitness, I have always bought the philosophy that it’s easier to maintain a regime that you like than to do something that may be more calorically efficient, which is why I’ve practiced yoga in some form since I was fourteen.  I’ve taken classes, but most often I do my practice at home, switching it up every once in a while to make sure my body isn’t becoming used to a certain sequence.  I highly recommend going to Yoga Journal’s website to find information on everything from sequences to poses (including anatomical focus) to DVDs and clothing.

As much fun as yoga is, there’s only so much you can do before your body aches (ha!) for new challenges, so last summer I looked into the New York City Ballet company’s workout DVDs:

                             51p5ffg4s0l__aa240_.jpg Image from

 These two DVDs provide a full-body workout, and will leave you feeling completely beat when you first try them, and energized as you continue to practice them.  Disc one covers the basics–plies, tendus, degages, passes, plus stretches, ab work, push ups, and more.  Disc two follows a similar format, but the main sequence is a little shorter to allow for a twelve-ish minute dance sequence based off of the classic Tarantella (and coreographed here by George Ballanchine).  Will you feel like a complete idiot as you clumsily make your way through it?  Oh, most definetely.  Is it fun?  Very much so.  Do you get results?  I can’t promise for anyone else, but I’ve definetely seen a difference in my muscle tone since I’ve started–my abs are stronger, my legs are toned, my upper back and arms are defined (a must for the dress I’m wearing!) and my bum actually has a shape now!

No matter what you do to make yourself feel better for the big day, I BEG of you to resist the ads promising fast weight-loss–I saw one today on Facebook on my homepage (gotta love targeted marketing, right?) and was instantly offended.  Don’t buy into it!  You’re all better than that!

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