Confession: I’m mildly obsessed with color.

color-picture.jpg“Every true artist has been inpsired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them than by the concrete subject of the picture.”

–Piet Mondrian

When it comes to art, I tend to be drawn to strong color and line; it’s little wonder that this Picasso is easily my favorite work of art.  I’m also a huge fan of Frank Stella and the aforementioned Piet Mondrian–the former because he uses bold strokes of many colors but in simple geometric patterns so that the color and line are the focus, and the latter because of his strict adherence to primary colors as his career progressed.  The MoMA in New York is unsurprisingly one of my favorite places in the whole world, as I can awash myself in this minimalist goodness.  In fact, for any brides looking for inspiration who will also be in the New York area between now and May 12, this exhibit may be of help–I’ll be seeing it myself this weekend, and will post photographs of anything that particularly catches my eye.


All this said, when I first stumbled onto, I was understandably very excited by this tool:


Between this and discussions with one of my bridesmaids who formerly worked at a local florist for years and therefore knows this stuff better than almost anyone, this is the basic scheme for the moment:

color-scheme.jpgNavy is the dominant, with orange and purple providing the contrast and complementary notes, respectively.

Despite this love of color, I’m not going to overwhelm my reception location with it because the room does have color on its own (albeit muted) and it would be perhaps a bit much.  Instead I’m going to incorporate the scheme into smaller touches–one of the bridesmaid gifts I’m planning are self-designed bracelets (more to come on that later), the flower centerpieces and (potentially) the favor gift wrap.  It’s a start, but I now ask you, cyber-bridal world out there, for comments and constructive criticism and most importantly, creative ideas.  How else can I incorporate this, albeit in a subtle way?  What would you do?  What inspires you?

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