Confession: Music is going to be a huge deal at this wedding. Well, at least at the reception.

You see, Madonna was right:  music really does make the people come together.



Well, that seems to be the case at this particular wedding.  The FI and I are very much music people, and while we have yet to do our pre-cana (more on that debacle later), we have been thinking about the kind of music we want to have at our wedding.

First off, given that our song is by Andrew Bird off of The Mysterious Production of Eggs:

                       51ctz9s6n3l__sl500_aa240_.jpgimage from

Want to know what it is?  Join me after the jump! (I know, I’m such a tease.)

The song in question is “Masterfade,” which is an adorable song with all of these wonderful instruments, like musical saws and Mr. Bird’s masterful whistling and violin-playing.  No wedding band can replicate that.  So we’ve gone with a D.J.  But he deserves his own post, to be honest.

Anyway, being the indie-loving snobs we are (and this being fairly well-documented with my parents, as they know my brother and I talk music whenever we’re in the same room together), some concern from their quarter was expressed to me quite a while ago during one of my many visits home:

Mom (slightly worried tone):  You’re going to have Motown at your reception, right?

Me (incredulous):  Um, we want to get people up and dance, don’t we?

My mom has pretty good taste in music–even now, when I’m bored and want something to do as I hang out in my childhood bedroom, I’ll swipe the circa-1975 Fisher-Price record player out of my brother’s old room and bust out her old Beatles and Motown 45’s, because it’s much more fun to listen to them on record:


(image from

Needless to say, I’m a huge proponent of having a variety of music at a reception, especially if a D.J. is running the show.  Yes, even including Motown.

Anyone have suggestions for successful combinations?  How did you or are planning to address the multi-generational aspect of your party?

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