Confession: even though I’m dying to register, I haven’t done it yet.

You’d think it would be so easy to just go and do it, wouldn’t you?  To just go here and click on that little green button:


The truth of the matter is, both the FI and I are dying to take the little gun and go zap zap zap around Crate and Barrel and Macy’s.  But we haven’t done it yet.

Why, you ask?  Well, it’s actually quite simple:

  1. Over the holidays, I asked a clerk at one of the stores about registering, and they suggested to do so at the six-month mark (which is where we are now), but not much sooner in case patterns and items get discontinued (which, sadly, they do)
  2. From the end of February through most of March either the FI and I were traveling, and usually separately at that.  I had a bunch of business trips to make, and he had some family obligations.  And we will be doing this in person, together
  3. Until recently, we thought our only closeby C&B option was all the way in Westchester, NY–easily an hour+ drive each way.  Happily, we were wrong in that–a new location just opened in West Hartford, a mere half-hour drive up the main highway near our apartment.  Score!

So we’re gonna do it–we want to do it in person so we can touch the items, see what they look like up close, and scan, scan away.  We’re also going to hit up the local Macy’s to add some appliances as well.  Stay tuned for our adventures in registering (as well as personal recommendations from us on kitchen supplies we already have, such as wine glasses and cookbooks.  We have many cookbooks).  I will also explain in an upcoming post why I’m almost as excited to get many Crate & Barrel boxes as I am actual gifts…

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