Confession: I’m totally looking forward to the bachelorette party. I think.

Ah, bachelorette parties.  I’ve yet to actually attend one, but that will change come summer, as one of my dear friends here in CT and I are throwing a joint party since we’re in each other’s weddings.  To add a nefarious twist, this also allows us some control over what we actually do…

…insert evil Mr. Burns-esque “Eeeeh-xcellent” here, finger drumming and all…

                                     mr_burns.png (image from Wikipedia)

Basically, neither of us are particularly interested in hiring strippers–what both of us want is to have a fun night of dinner and dancing with our core group of friends who are local, with the added bonus of guilt-tripping our long-distance bridesmaids to come visit us.  We’ll provide lodging and whatnot, and fortunately New Haven is a really easy city to get around in and isn’t too big, so getting to where we want to go isn’t too much of an issue.

As for the itinerary…

Dinner at Barcelona–a local chain of Spanish tapas restaurants, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  The food is fantastic and the communal, finger-food nature of tapas means that it’ll be easy for everyone to get their fill.  The wine bar is excellent, as are the cocktails to, so it’ll be an interesting evening from the get-go…

From there we may break at the other favorite restaurant for some tropical cocktails to get us in the mood at Pacifico.  A Nuevo-Latino restaurant focusing on seafood, it’s a bit pricey to eat there, but the drinks are to. die. for.  Easily the best mojitos in the city, bar none.

As for the dancing…it can be none other than Hula Hanks, the trashy downtown club where it’s always MTV Spring Break.  Drinks come in plastic cups and the bartenders dress up as pirate hookers from Whore Island (gotta love Anchorman).  Oh yes–there’s also a swing.  Over the bar.  Sometimes one, sometimes two girls will jump up to the main bar (there are several, of course) and hop on, to the titilation of the masses below.  It’s absolutely hysterical, and I know my bridesmaids will not stop laughing at it.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a fun night out…but knowing us, this could all be subject to change.

My question is, is it OK to wrest away control like this from the rest of the bridesmaids from both parties?  Or will no one care as long as good times are had?

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