Confession: meeting with the reception sales team was a little scary at first.

So I mentioned that I hadn’t really seen the reception venue prior to saying “OK!  Let’s do it here!”  Given that we had so little time to make the decision, I trusted all of the glowing compliments from everyone when they asked “Where are you having your reception?”

About a month after we made the deposit, the FI and I  traveled down to Mendenhall to really have a good look at it–though I’ve seen it countless times as we would drive down PA-52 en route to I-95 to head to the shore, I (eek!) never ate there nor actually saw much inside save for the photographs on their website (which did include our ballroom, so it wasn’t like I was going in there completely blind).

Upon meeting our coordinator (or one of her associates–I’m still not exactly sure how it all works), she took the FI, my mom and myself around the property, starting with the ballroom itself.  Upon seeing it, the FI exclaims:   “This is where we had my grandparents’ 50th anniversary party!  I was really little, apparently cutting up a rug on the dance floor all night!”  This remark instantly endeared him to the coordinator as she ran through what the table would look like, what the atrium would look like, and reiterated the fact that they would be handling all of the details themselves.  To be honest, those were the best words she said to me during the entire appointment, as she kept asking me all of these how-excited-are-you questions, which I responded to with a forced smile and a “Um, I’m still deciding?” during most of the appointment.  I’m sure that unbridled (ha! Puns!) enthusiasm is the norm here, so I don’t blame her–at that point I was still fathoming that all of this was happening at all.

We explored a little after meeting with her, and I took some outdoor shots to show my friends in CT the spot:


(the main entrance area.  The hotel is on the left, the restaurant on the right.)


A tilted view of the main restuarant entrance.  Yes, it has a rustic feel, but this is the country.  And it will be gorgeous there in early October, with the trees starting to turn.

I’ll try to post more pictures of the site as I get them, but this at least gives you somewhat of an idea…

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