Confession: until I started reading wedding blogs, I had no idea people got budoir photographs taken.

Once upon a time…

This reluctant bride watched far too much VH1.  This period was also known as senior year of college when I lived alone and would leave the television on as background noise (as sometimes I was privy to my neighbors more, ahem, amourous pursuits–oh, who am I kidding, sometimes I’d turn the volume down just to make sure it was what I thought it was…city living and all 😉 ).  It was also when they started airing non-stop episodes of The Fabulous Life Of… and I was made privy to all of the crazy things celebrities purchase in order to feel fabulous.  As far as trashy TV goes, it was fairly addictive. During one of the episodes focusing on Jennifer Lopez, it was mentioned that she had nude photographs taken by a major photographer (Steven Meisel, perhaps?) for her “luv-ah” at the time, someone named…Ben Affleck?  Ever heard of him?  Regardless, she spent a pretty penny on this, and at the time I thought “damn, that would be fun, but who actually does that?”

Turns out, plenty of people do.

I’m not a terribly modest person–we have a giant Modigliani print hanging above our bedroom wall (one of our favorites at the Met), and both imaginary French Vogue photoshoots that I like to cast myself in at my other blog involve me rolling around in underwear and little else.  And while it would be amazing to have a professional pose me correctly and make me look my most gorgeous, I feel like this would be more of a fun honeymoon activity, just between my husband and I.  Plus, spending $500 on photos just isn’t in our budget these days.

What do you all think?

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