Confession: bridal salons give me the heebie-jeebies, part deux.

Part un

So, once I figured out where I wanted to buy my dress, I then had to go and pick it out.  The same weekend I made my initial visit to the reception site, I also started browsing on J.Crew’s website and paging through one of the five catalogs that had piled up at my parents’ house between Christmas and…then.

Aside:  seriously, J.Crew–figure out your damn customer database and stop sending multiple catalogs a month to the same household!  It’s a waste of paper!



 I had already picked out a few contenders online while browsing the Flash-heavy “Weddings and Parties Shop,” which, for an online retailer, makes for a relatively painless browsing experience–depending on who in the party you’re shopping for, you can narrow it down by silhouette, fabric, and/or color:


At the time when I was browsing, one of the “special editions” was an eyelet lace silk gown with an empire waist that looked pretty, but for $1,200, seemed a bit much to buy without at least trying it on:

 001_primary.jpg (from

It wasn’t even that it wasn’t pretty–it just didn’t feel like me.  As someone with a defined bust, wearing a deliberate empire waist gown like that would make me look as if this was a shotgun wedding (and I hate to be a nitpicker, but if you go to the closeup on, the teeny-tiny model even looks like she has the beginnings of a swollen abdomen).  As someone who is tall but not supermodel thin, I just knew that this dress wouldn’t work on me.

I therefore turned my attention to the silk tricotine dresses that are J.Crew standbys and much more accessibly priced, putting two dresses into contention.  Showing them both to my mom (who I know probably felt bad about missing out on “shopping,” but knew that this was what I wanted and that it would be easier than having to come back for alterations–besides, I was involving her during the important decision making process), we both definetely gravitated to the same dress.

The one that lost?  The now-discontinued Avery:


I actually purchased the short black version when it was on its way out, and while I do like it, my “ladies” are just a wee bit too large to wear this anywhere close to a church on its own. 

But while it was fun looking with my mom for dresses online, I certainly knew that I would have to try them on.  Knowing that my local J.Crew usually stocked returns of these special occassion dresses, I headed up back to New England to try my luck and to see if this dress was truly, in the words of the Squirel Nut Zippers, meant to be.

To be continued…

ETA:  OK, I know I said I would talk about trying dresses on, but this post was getting too long.  So we’re going to save that for part trois.  Besides, it’s the journey, not the destination, right?  😉

Anyone else out there go the non-conventional route when shopping for a bridal dress?  Was anyone upset that they didn’t get to go along with you to a store to pick it out as a result?

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