Confession: I’m still totally crushing on my engagement ring.

When the FI and I started talking engagement, I was pretty decided on what I wanted in a ring:

  1. Must be a sapphire
  2. Must be set in either white gold or platinum
  3. Preferably it is a solitaire

That was it.  Of course, sapphire solitaires are not nearly as common as their diamond cousins–in fact, they pretty much don’t exist in the normal world of jewelry retail–so when he set off in his quest to procure me THE ring, he had to get a little creative.  He mentioned to me casually dropping into a Zales or similar when on a shopping errand with his sister just to see what was available, and was legitimately shocked by what the markup became if he mentioned the W-word.  On top of this, he knew none of the rings would be want I wanted, so he set off to test the independent jeweler waters.

Since he was building the ring from scratch, he had his choice of stones and went with the highest quality one (not the largest, but not the smallest) and set it in platinum–nothing simpler.

Here it is for your perusal:


It desperately needs to be cleaned (I’ve had it for a year and a half) and admittedly has to be resized, but we’re going to take care of that when we go shopping for wedding bands shortly (which, by the way, he’s really excited about wearing).  Here it’s posing with the other ring I wear nonstop–an old Tiffany rolling ring that has since gone out of production.

So I pose this question to you out there:  what kind of wedding band should I go for to complement this?  I’m debating between inlaid stones (preferably only sapphire) or just going with a simple band.


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