Confession: designing my bridal necklace is much tougher than I thought it would be.

Designing and making jewelry has been a particular passion of mine since I was but a young girl stringing seed beads to monofilament line and weaving friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss.  Since then, I’d like to say my designs have become a little more elaborate.

First, the inspiration for some of my more recent projects:


From left to right:  Marni and Louis Vuitton, two of my favorite design houses.  I love me some Consuela Castiglioni and Marc Jacobs.

And here is my take on them:


So it was natural that I wanted to dream up an amazing necklace for my dress–not nearly as elaborate as either of these, but enough to give my very simple dress a little touch of sparkle.  So I hied my way down to South Norwalk to visit Beadworks, and purchased for the very reasonable price of $35 this strand of tanzanite, which plays into my color scheme but isn’t nearly as expensive as sapphire:


But I wasn’t satisfied with just the tanzanite, I suppose, because a few months later trawling consignment shops for amazing deals on clothes in Greenwich, I stumbled across a little bead store called Femmegems that I of course had to visit, and left with a longer strand of iolite chips.  The iolite rounds I later bought when revisiting Beadworks.

So now, armed with all of these stones and enough chain to play around with (I have about 3 yards total, I think), I now have to set about the process of actually creating this necklace.  So I’ve started some sketches, keeping the halter neckline of my dress in mind (note:  I’m not the world’s best sketcher.  Usually I tend to wing it):

Yes, I know that “technically” necklaces shouldn’t be paired with halter necklines, but despite loving to design jewelry, I don’t wear much beyond necklaces and occassionally bracelets.  So I’d much rather preserve my personal style than follow some arbitrary rule.  The design itself I think I have set–two strands spaced out, floating around the collarbone.  I have a few options in clustering (or not) the stones–this is what I need help with.

Which leads me to ask:  of the options presented, which one(s) (if any) do you like?

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