Confession: I have a thing for glassware.

I am admittedly a pretty big wine enthusiast–while I enjoy cocktails or the occassional glass of beer when going out, a nice glass of wine complements most of our at-home meals and a bottle of wine along with a good movie is one of my favorite ways to relax with the FI.

That said, we’re both a little clumsy–the night of his proposal, we ran over to the local liquor store to grab some champagne before it closed, and afterwards, as he was clumsily opening the bottle, not only did he break one of our champagne flutes, but also one of my old colbalt blue wineglasses (both from college, both from Pier One).  I naturally forgave him as we were both a little out of sorts that night.  🙂

 (This happens…a lot).

Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for simple, klutz-friendly glasses, because our glassware also ends up on the floor (for whatever reason, the FI has this aversion to putting glasses on the table next  to him or in front of him and insists that they belong on the floor).  We thought we found what we needed from Crate & Barrel, in the form of their European Wine Glasses that were a nice $2 apiece:

(old C& image)

We scooped up 6 of them, no questions asked.  I love how simple they are–you can stack them in the cabinet!–and they don’t require the delicacy that larger glasses require when washing them.  This past October we went back to Crate & Barrel to purchase some more, because we were having a big party and wanted to get another set of eight to keep as backup glasses.

Alas, we were to be disappointed, because CRATE & BARREL DISCONTINUED THEM!!!!  The nerve!  Moreover, the glasses that they replaced them with are so ugly that I won’t even post them here–you can find them on their website.  To add to the frustration, in doing an extensive Google search for a similar product, the only hits I got were websites talking about how wonderful C&B’s glasses were!  Even IKEA couldn’t save me–we bought a set of six glasses that are just too large for wine, but happily are the perfect size for beer or juice and were all of $3, so no harm done there.  I was convinced that I would have to resign myself to an unending cycle of purchasing, breaking and re-purchasing glasses.

Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this story.  Browsing our “normal” C&B in King of Prussia, we found this fairly reasonable solution:  the Rings 7oz juice glass:

(from Crate & Barrel, obviously!)

It’s not perfect, but for 95 cents each, I’ll take eight, please!

Anyone out there with other klutz-friendly glassware recommendations?

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