Confession: this isn’t a confession as much it is a PSA.

A real post will come later today, but I had to adress this ad because it’s the second time in a WEEK I’ve seen it on my Facebook profile and it makes me want to curse a blue streak.

And yes, you’re gonna have to jump with me to see what I’m talking about.

To ANYONE out there preparing for a wedding: PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CROCK OF CRAP!!!  Crash dieting to fit into a “vintage size 6 wedding dress” (which is really, really tiny)?  Not a good idea.  Eat right, exercise, but don’t try to starve yourself to fit into a damn dress for one day.  It’s not worth it!  Radiance and good health will always trump thinness when looking at pictures taken for posterity.

OK, rant over.

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