Confession: beading is kind of a big deal to me.

Welcome to my first DIY! In addition to my own jewelry, I’m making each of my bridesmaids a bracelet in my color palette as a small part of their overall gift (but more on that later). I realize that I should probably be working on the more complicated bridal necklace instead of something so simple, but I do have to make six of them, so better start now than forget.

Would you like to step into my bead studio? It’s very spacious, as you can see:

Actually, not so much, but what it lacks in space it certainly makes up for in quantity:

But I digress. Let me take you through the creation of one of these bracelets. My intent was to bring in the three colors of the palette into a small token that wasn’t an immediate focal point (so no necklace) but instead just a small detail that adds a touch of uniformity to them.

My mise en place:

Blue-violet and orange (although they call it dark red) aventurine beads, 4mm and 6mm respectively, mono-filament string (also known as fishing line!), toggle clasps, and my trusty wire clipper.  Beads and findings were purchased at Michaels from their “bead gallery” brand, which at the time was on sale, so bonus.

I really liked the colors by themselves, so instead of doing a pattern like I am generally wont to do, I instead decided to have two layers of nearly solid color.  I added crystal spacers at the end to give a little more length to the bracelet and to also add a bit of sparkle:

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until after I finished stringing the larger beads that the two rows weren’t even, so rummaging through my haphazard collection of random beads found me a string of 8mm amethyst rounds which nicely completed the palette and, with one on each end, made the orange row the perfect length:

Like I said, this was a pretty simple project, so I’m not going to insult your intelligence by giving step-by-step instructions on how to essentially transfer beads from a temporary string onto a “permanent” one, but if anyone has any questions on this, post in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.

When I start getting into the real work, aka my necklace, then you’ll see some real step-by-step instruction.

So, what do you think?  Anyone else make their BM’s a little something for the day?

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