Confession: bridal salons give me the heebie-jeebies, part trois.

Part un

Part deux

Having made what I thought was my final decision, I decided to take advantage of the J.Crew within walking distance of my apartment and made my way over there, along with my local bridesmaid (with the promise of lunch after purchase).

(From the New York Times)

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I adore this location–the whole staff is wonderful and friendly, and I’ve probably spent way too much there in the time I’ve lived here on account of that alone.  Moving on…

Going in, I knew it would be a complete crapshoot on whether or not I would be able to try any dresses on, but at the very least I could order the one I thought I wanted and get free shipping to boot.  So when we approached one of the associates and requested help in ordering a dress, instead of being directed to the red phone to order it immediately like we thought would happen, we instead were presented with the personal shopper to assist us as they happened to have every silk tricotine dress in their “returns” closet, in ivory, and close to my size.  More importantly, the short version of the dress I wanted was in my size, so I knew that this would bode well for me.

Being that it was around noon on a Saturday (and somewhat unseasonably warm for early March), the store was undertandably crowded; ideally we would have been put into the large room that they have, but since that was occupied, we squeezed into a normal-sized room and quickly stripped.  I didn’t even think to take a camera with me (since it wasn’t the actual dress), but we kept popping out of the room to take a twirl in the 3-paneled mirror, and the second I donned my dress’s shorter sibling, I knew I would be making the purchase.  Which I did…about a half hour later.  I think the other shoppers thought we were nuts (as in, “who on earth buys a wedding dress here?”) but I didn’t care–it was the first decision I had made on my own terms, and I was thrilled to the core.

As for lunch, we toasted my purchase and my BM’s brand-new engagement with a glass of champagne each, followed by a stronger cocktail at Scoozi.  And, you know, food.

As for the dress?  Well, I didn’t think to bring a camera with me (besides, given how crowded it was I would have felt even weirder about taking pictures), but I promise to post a picture by June–the dress is currently in PA, and I need to gather the rest of my undergarments in the meantime.

Perhaps…if you’re lucky…I’ll post a picture of the model in the dress.  But only if you’re lucky.

How did you mark the event of purchasing of your wedding dress?

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