Confession: the vacation that comes after this whole shebbang is the real incentive to get through all of this pageantry

For a variety of reasons–not a lot of vacation time, many obligations bogarting said vacation time, plus not wanting to ask my grad-student FI to shell out a ton of money–this reluctant bride and groom don’t get to take real vacations much.  It gets to be a bummer at times, of course, especially in March when pictures start going up from friends going on cruises and the like over spring break (which, in of itself, is something that I haven’t recognized since college).  But we manage where we can–day trips to New York on the Metro North and jaunts to the local beach have gone a long way in adding some (relatlively cheap) fun to our springs and summers past and will be something we rely on heavily this year as well.

That said, we will be on a plane come October 5th, flying out to go on our honeymoon.  Where to, you may ask?  I’ll tell you…….later (I know, I’m a tease!) but for those looking for ideas on someplace different (but not too different) to go, allow me to make the humble suggestion of:

Malaga, Spain (accent on the first a).

Malaga is “the capital” of the Spanish Riviera, more commonly known as the Costa del Sol.  Happily situated along the Mediterranean, Malaga is the primary city (and also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso for all you art fans) and smaller resort towns close to the beach dot the majority of the coast.

We visited in early March of 2005 and stayed in Torremolinos, the first town out of Malaga and a crazy cute little town.  Getting an awesome deal on Expedia where most of the cost was spent on the ticket price, we stayed at a four-star hotel suite with marble floors, a massive, blue-tiled bathroom, and not one, but two balconies–one overlooking the Med, and the other providing a mountain view:

The view from one of the balconies

It was a fifteen-minute walk between it and downtown, but being that we had no real itinerary save from exploring everything by foot (an excellent way to work off the massive quantities of food and wine we ate and drank), it mattered little.

If there’s any interest, I can post more pictures if you like, but I have to hook up my scanner–all of these were taken on a (gasp!) film camera.  🙂  That will not be the case when we end up going to…

Where?  Stay tuned!

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