Confession: theme? What theme?

Having now read a number of serious wedding blogs out there, I have nothing but respect for the brides running with any sort of overarching theme, especially recreating a particular era down to the smallest details, like the twenties or fifties.  That is no small undertaking.

And while it should come as no surprise that this reluctant bride does not have any such theme, I can’t say that I’ve been completely devoid of inspiration as I put this together–reluctant though I may be, the opportunity to place my and my FI’s mark on the celebration is one way we’re deriving enjoyment out of planning all of this.  The main difference is…well…we’re not the kind of folks who can just stick with one aesthetic.

To give you an idea of this, I’ve followed the lead of many brides before me and created an inspiration board (note:  this is actually really easy to do if you have Powerpoint or Publisher but not Photoshop–just insert your images, arrange, and then group them all together and save that as a JPEG).  I’ve already created a few of these boards for satorial inspiration that are now currently hanging in our bedroom, so this isn’t something completely foreign to me.  Regardless, I think it will give you an idea of how stylistically schizophrenic this bride can be:

New York Times,,,,,,,,,,,,,  

 (mouse over for photo credits, from top left)

See what I mean?  It’s kind of all over the place–this crazy pastiche of minimalism, mid 20th-century European chic, quirky Salinger/Wes Anderson bookishness, but with some definite (albeit muted) Regency/neo-classicism thrown in for good measure.

You’ll see…it’ll all come together.  Has anyone else out there had difficulty in determining a theme or at least an aesthetic?

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