Confession: I totally started my DIY projects last summer…but I have yet to finish them.

If you checked out my inspiration board, you may have noticed that there is a big ol’ honking book cover that’s prominently displayed:

Image from

This happens to be from the 60’s-era Scribner Library Classics series and is my primary influence when it comes to designing our favors and our programs.

You see, I have a thing for vintage paperbacks due to their tendency to have strong, minimal graphics (but I also just happen to love old books in general).  I used to drag the RG to my favorite used bookstore in Paoli, PA armed with a $20 bill, and usually would come out a little sneezy (due to the mold and dust) and with a pile of books.  Sadly, the Paoli Book X-change has since closed (the last time I passed by it the building was completely gutted, to my horror), but it will live on in the spirit of the party as…

Our road-trip friendly wedding favor!

The RG and I are pretty serious about making awesome CD mixes whenever we’re faced with a drive to and from Pennsylvania.  So when the topic of wedding favors came up, I immediately knew that we’d make a CD, and together we decided that a mix geared towards carrying on our party’s spirit in the car would be more guest-friendly (and more fun to make) than one full of sappy love songs like I’ve seen in the past.

To be a bit romantic as well as a bit irreverent, we picked some of our favorite love-related quotes from unexpected places–The Office, The GodfatherUlysses, and Okervil River’s album Black Sheep Boy.  Some are more serious than others, but they all reflect our very diverse taste in all things television, book, film, and music-related.

Now we have to just figure out the final playlist…which may prove to be tougher than deciding on a final guest list was.

 What was/were the best favor(s) you received at a wedding?

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