Confession: sometimes some jazz, wine and talk of non-wedding topics are all you need to relax.

The reality that this thing isn’t all that far away has led the RG and I to get a little stressed out.  Couple this with some friend issues–mostly concern/annoyance at how others are reacting to things–and sometimes, you just gotta vent.

The RG was not in the best of moods when I made my nightly “I’m on the train” call, and it would be a lie to say I wasn’t feeling misanthropic myself.  Popping in a newish Charles Mingus CD my brother copied for me as I drove from the garage to the apartment, I made a resolution:  No television tonight.  Instead, we were going to drink wine, listen to jazz and write (we’re both enthusiastic writers) until the new Top Chef came on.

Image from  This is an a-maaaay-zing album, by the way.

The one thing we didn’t really do was write per se, but instead we talked about what we were working on (and I got a few good ideas on how to connect two parts of one story I’m working on), and we also vented about the problems with our pals.  It was at once a little depressing and a lot of fun–it harkened back to our college days when we hung out, drank wine, talked writing and listened to jazz at one of our dear friend’s houses. 

It was also a reminder of how important it is to talk to each other during the process, and vent your frustrations out loud instead of trying to act as if everything’s perfectly peachy.  Seldom is that the case when it comes to anything in life–why should wedding planning be any different?

How do you let off steam with your future spouse when the frustrations of weddings get you both down?

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