Confession: I love the MoMA.

I’m currently not the biggest fan of–for the last two weekends, they have predicted torrential downpours for both New Haven and NYC when they couldn’t have been more wrong.  Given that the RG and I were planning on spending a lazy Saturday browsing the MoMA and then wandering Midtown as I took pictures of signs and such two weeks ago, having our plans thwarted needlessly made us determined to try again this past weekend–there were two exhibits at the MoMA that we both were dying to see, and given that they are only on view until May 12th added to our sense of urgency to try again.

(Logo obviously from The MoMA)

While it wasn’t gorgeous, sunny and warm for the entire day (it did look like it would rain by the time we left), we certainly were able to get in and out of the city with nary a raindrop on our heads, and we were able to see both exhibits:   Color Chart and Design & the Elastic Mind.  The latter isn’t really relevant to a wedding blog, but I did want to share some of the highlights of the former to perhaps provide some inspiration to any brides out there looking for a spark.

The works chronicle the use of color in modern art from 1950 to today–and since so much art in this period focuses on the color itself instead of other compositional elements, the works on view are serious eye candy to anyone who can gaze at the paint chip display at Lowes for far too long (this reluctant bride included).  They didn’t allow photography for much of the exhibit, but I culled these images from its website as some of my favorite works (all images from, again):

For anyone who would like to see the few pictures I was able to take (as well as shots from Design), feel free to browse here.

What inspired your color palette selection?

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