Confession: now that Thursday TV is back, my productivity will plummet, at least through May sweeps.

Because any fans of The Office and 30 Rock know that 100% of your focus must be on the show in order to catch all of the wonderful fast jokes and references to older episodes jam-packed into each half-hour show.  It’s a serious thing.

That said, all you brides out there looking forward to throwing dinner parties, last Thursday’s episode of The Office could prove helpful as a guide to how to throw a killer fete (assume spoilers from here on out):

Oh, Jim and Pam.  She didn’t even care what people said about her, she just wanted to eat.  Which she realizes is a lot to ask for.  At a dinner party.

(All image credits go to JustJared)

In any case, here are some helpful guidelines:

  • DON’T hoodwink your employees into coming over;
  • DON’T plan on serving osso bucco to a group of hungry guests unless you’ve been home for three hours making it;

  • DON’T play your ex-assistant’s new CD as background music to “Password” if it has any insinuations in the lyrics that you “made him into a man;”
  • DON’T let the situation come to a point where the police need to be called in.  Otherwise, you may just end up like Jan here:


Don’t believe me?  Perhaps this two-minute review will make my point.

Any (unintentionally) funny dinner party disasters to share out there?  C’mon…we’ve all been there!

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