Confession: this reluctant bride is a total Jane Austen nerd.

Add to that the Bronte sisters and L.M. Montgomery…any novel (or series) that makes mention of the lovely tradition of shopping for and assembling the trousseau.  With the recently-concluded Jane Austen marathon on PBS, this has been especially in my mind as I figure out what I want to bring on our Italian honeymoon…particularly for the evenings…

(Image from

My lovely MOH is currently in Cairo working on her PhD (when she’s not there, she’s in Oxford), so she hasn’t been physically able to be around to help out with wedding planning.  But she has been more than generous with gifts–last week a little envelope arrived in the mail from a boutique in the Nolita neighborhood in Manhattan, Mixona:

As someone who loves lingerie, being allowed to go crazy in a lingerie store is…well…glorious.  It was almost straight out of one of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock from the first season where Liz, Jenna and Sophie (Jack’s brand-new fiance) go to La Petite Coquette, Jenna drunkenly tries on panties over her jeans, and Liz, upon being suggested she buy a black merrywidow (my guess it’s La Perla), opines:

Yikes!  If I wanted to spend $600 to have my boobs pinched, I would have gone to that fundraiser at the Clintons’ house.  Haha!  (Sophie is not amused).  Come on, that was solid!

I’d post a video clip of it, but it’s not available anywhere on the interwebs.  Boo.


So my one local bridesmaid and I headed down the Metro-North  into the city, and high-tailed it downtown–Midtown was absolutely crazy thanks to the pope visiting and it being an painfully gorgeous day–low 70’s and sunny, sunny sunny.  We had the store completely to ourselves–our salesgirl was helpful but let us browse and comment without trying to shove expensive bras in my face (even though she knew the minimum I was going to spend, which was admittedly a good amount).  We took a good two hours to browse, with Laura throwing out ideas left and right (and I must say, it was fun letting someone else play stylist and “pull” things for me to try on).  I didn’t take any pictures in the store (that would feel a little…seamy…yes?), but I will say that we found many gorgeous things, as well as some that looked better on the hanger than me.

The great thing about shopping with a friend who also happens to know your future husband as well as yourself, especially when all three of you are fairly open about talking about things like lingerie (in the abstract sense at least) is they seem to be much more able to find something that’s a compromise in both of your tastes.  Without getting toographic, I’ll just say that he has a prediliction for corsets, and while I love them, they’re such a hassle to wear.  So when we found a bra from La Perla that incorporates some of that detail yet remains aesthetically within my happy range, it was all too obvious that it would be what I ultimately purchased.

Wanna see?  (Reluctant groom–no peeking!)


(Sorry for the lousy image quality–this picture keeps saving in the wrong orientation)

Total damage?  $220 plus tax, plus a pair of Hanky Panky boyshorts (that I think I will replace with a Cosabella boyshort instead).


Well?  Was I successful?  🙂

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  1. Cass said

    A great find you have there. Looks sexy to wear for your honeymoon. You can also check out pretty matching bra and panty sets you can wear everyday or for special occasions.

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