Confession: we didn’t finish the CD on Sunday…but today we have a solid first draft.

So we didn’t finish the tracklist like I wanted Sunday…but we did register!  But that’s another post.

Instead, last night, I pinned the reluctant groom down and we hemmed, hawed, imported, split, and integrated tracks to create what we have as our perfect first go-round:


Who’s ready to WORK?

(Image from


Some notes:

  • I’m a little concerned that it gets a little slow at times–especially with the inclusion of the exquisite-but-melancholy “I Loves You Porgy”, hence adding in the two-minute interlude of “Soul Finger” to liven things up towards the end;
  • “Crane Wife 2” is technically a song–this was the track we split in order to save on length, as The Decemberists are notorious for always including at least one multi-song on each album.  While this is more appropriate, it’s also a little softer than had we included both;
  • SInce “Brompton Oratory” is a Nick Cave song, it’s filled with references to love and Jesus.  Very stark, rather obvious references to both, for that matter–and this is one of the more subtle songs in his catalog.  But the reluctant groom loves him some Nick Cave (he is a great songwriter)–do you think that folks may be turned off by such obvious references?

We still have some space left, so if anyone out there has any suggestions that would help make this an awesome mix, they will be much appreciated.

Did you make a CD (or wanted to)?  How did you determine which songs would make the cut?



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