Confession: I am a registry stalker.

A few weeks ago we finally took the plunge and registered.  Though I have harbored fantasies of going into Crate & Barrel and Macy’s armed with their scanning guns, practicality ruled the day and we decided to at least start our registries online–I’m convincing myself that a.) it’s the greener option, and b.) perhaps holding said gun would bring back too many memories of shooting tags and checking stock when I toiled away at OfficeMax many moons ago.

Of course, one of the best benefits of having an online registry is that you’re able to critically assess your needs versus what you have immediately at your disposal, and if you have wireless Internet like we do, you can do so in the specific room in question.  For example:  we knew we wanted some new pans, but instead of just picking them out randomly, we compared what we have to what was out there for us, and signed up for grill pans and sauciers instead of basic 3 qt saucepans (because we already have them thanks to my momma gifting me with a really nice collection of pans when I moved to CT).

And I swear, I was only checking the registry this morning because the reluctant groom was annoyed by a wedding-related spam that entered into his mailbox, and I wanted to ensure that our email wasn’t being sent out to random 3rd-party groups when…

WOOHOOO!  Our first registrty purchases have been made!  That must mean that people are stocking up for the shower come July…or just getting a head start in general.  Either way, it’s pretty awesome (or, in 30 Rock speak, awes):

Strauss Double Old Fashioned glasses (set of 6):  They are square and awesome, and copious amounts of scotch were served in similar glasses in Iron Man and looked amazing.

Ice Bucket:  Because you cannot entertain without an ice bucket.

Ice Tongs:  Because you cannot have an ice bucket and no tongs, and the tongs we have now are for food useage only.

All of these will go swimmingly with the wine/bar storage area that one of our groomsmen is making us as a wedding gift–as well as the Waterford Crystal decanter that a friend gave me because she had no use for it.

What were the first gifts you received/saw purchased for you on your registry?  And how excited did it make you?


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