Confession: this reluctant bride is a total Jane Austen nerd.

Add to that the Bronte sisters and L.M. Montgomery…any novel (or series) that makes mention of the lovely tradition of shopping for and assembling the trousseau.  With the recently-concluded Jane Austen marathon on PBS, this has been especially in my mind as I figure out what I want to bring on our Italian honeymoon…particularly for the evenings…

(Image from

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Confession: I am a bit of a liar, I guess.

More posts to follow…ugh…I loathe having to work on Sundays…

I do have many, many things to speak of, though!  Love you all…

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Confession: this reluctant bride must take a very short break.

A busy few days are in store for me (both personally and professionally–gotta love weekend work…or not), which means my internet presence will be diminished.  At least today and tomorrow.

But here are some posts to look forward to in the near future:

  • Trousseau shopping in New York
  • Preliminary hair/makeup ideas
  • Tales of bridesmaid dress shopping
  • Dream registry–the crazy things I’d love to get, but feel weird about asking for them
  • Updates on DIY projects
  • My list of “Most Inappropriate Songs to Play at a Wedding”
  • …and much more!

Look for new posts come Sunday evening. 

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Confession: now that Thursday TV is back, my productivity will plummet, at least through May sweeps.

Because any fans of The Office and 30 Rock know that 100% of your focus must be on the show in order to catch all of the wonderful fast jokes and references to older episodes jam-packed into each half-hour show.  It’s a serious thing.

That said, all you brides out there looking forward to throwing dinner parties, last Thursday’s episode of The Office could prove helpful as a guide to how to throw a killer fete (assume spoilers from here on out):

Oh, Jim and Pam.  She didn’t even care what people said about her, she just wanted to eat.  Which she realizes is a lot to ask for.  At a dinner party.

(All image credits go to JustJared)

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Confession: though a professed foodie, I am by no means a competent chef.

Well, that may be a bit harsh (I have been honing my knife skills lately, I suppose) but it’s not too far off from the truth.  In reality, the RG is is the one who cooks–I am the humble taster/barmaid/sommelier in our little household.  I’m also often responsible for picking either some of the weekday dishes or the the more elaborate weekend meals, and therefore I’ll turn to one of the many titles in our small culinary library:

(Yes, we really have over twenty titles.  The bottom shelf and half of the middle shelf are devoted to my old New Yorkers)

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Confession: I’m kinda crushing on the suitcases I bought for the bridesmaids.

Make that completely crushing on them.

Let me start out by saying that I am quite the Wes Anderson fan–I can watch The Royal Tenenbaums ad nauseum, and I think my pals are a little sick of me playing the Life Aquatic Stuido Sessions with Seu Jorge whenever there’s a party.  His obsessive attention to detail kills me–from wardrobe to set design to soundtrack choices, what seems like an odd mix of random elements becomes cohesive and pitch-perfect under his direction:

(Image from

And the promotional shots of the Louis-Vuitton designed luggage for The Darjeeling Limited have been in my mind for a while and I wanted to work them into my wedding aesthetic somehow:

(image from Rushmore Academy)

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Confession: Sex and the City is a show that I can still watch over and over…

I’d like think one of the main reasons why so many women continue to be attached to Sex and the City is because the general plotlines are all immediately identifiable, much as those of us hate to be identified with the ladies bopping around the city on the SATC bus tour.  As fun as the fluffy, consumerist angle of the show was, the heart of it lay with the friendship of the four women, and the life experiences we watched them go through week in and week out.  All six seasons reside happily in my media library, albeit a little battered (those cheap cases are all broken…durr).

And though the whole Aidan-Big-Carrie triangle makes Season 3 tough to watch, Charlotte planning her wedding adds a serious amount of comic relief:

(from “Running with Scissors”–specifically the first four minutes):

I love Mario Cantone.  I wish Anthony Marantino was here helping me plan this wedding.

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