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Confession: I’m kinda crushing on the suitcases I bought for the bridesmaids.

Make that completely crushing on them.

Let me start out by saying that I am quite the Wes Anderson fan–I can watch The Royal Tenenbaums ad nauseum, and I think my pals are a little sick of me playing the Life Aquatic Stuido Sessions with Seu Jorge whenever there’s a party.  His obsessive attention to detail kills me–from wardrobe to set design to soundtrack choices, what seems like an odd mix of random elements becomes cohesive and pitch-perfect under his direction:

(Image from

And the promotional shots of the Louis-Vuitton designed luggage for The Darjeeling Limited have been in my mind for a while and I wanted to work them into my wedding aesthetic somehow:

(image from Rushmore Academy)

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Confession: I totally started my DIY projects last summer…but I have yet to finish them.

If you checked out my inspiration board, you may have noticed that there is a big ol’ honking book cover that’s prominently displayed:

Image from

This happens to be from the 60’s-era Scribner Library Classics series and is my primary influence when it comes to designing our favors and our programs.

You see, I have a thing for vintage paperbacks due to their tendency to have strong, minimal graphics (but I also just happen to love old books in general).  I used to drag the RG to my favorite used bookstore in Paoli, PA armed with a $20 bill, and usually would come out a little sneezy (due to the mold and dust) and with a pile of books.  Sadly, the Paoli Book X-change has since closed (the last time I passed by it the building was completely gutted, to my horror), but it will live on in the spirit of the party as…

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Confession: beading is kind of a big deal to me.

Welcome to my first DIY! In addition to my own jewelry, I’m making each of my bridesmaids a bracelet in my color palette as a small part of their overall gift (but more on that later). I realize that I should probably be working on the more complicated bridal necklace instead of something so simple, but I do have to make six of them, so better start now than forget.

Would you like to step into my bead studio? It’s very spacious, as you can see:

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