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Confession: it’s far too easy for me to get into a makeup rut.

The reluctant groom and I go out with some regularity, but usually it’s to the bar around the corner and that seldom necessitates busting out the “going out” makeup routine that every girl has–for me, it’s eyeliner, then smudged with a taupe cream base (love NARS’s The Multiple), then dark brown eyeshadow, and often finished with a light dusting of white shadow on top for some shimmer and mascara.  It’s a routine I picked up years ago after attending a free session at my local Clinique counter–I was on my way to college, and even my mom saw the value in me knowing how to properly apply more sophisticated makeup.  I’ve always really liked it–it’s a softer version of a smoky eye, and doesn’t go too over the top.

(Image from Sephora)

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