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Confession: we didn’t finish the CD on Sunday…but today we have a solid first draft.

So we didn’t finish the tracklist like I wanted Sunday…but we did register!  But that’s another post.

Instead, last night, I pinned the reluctant groom down and we hemmed, hawed, imported, split, and integrated tracks to create what we have as our perfect first go-round:


Who’s ready to WORK?

(Image from


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Confession: I feel like time is slipping, slipping, slipping…into the future.

April is rapidly coming to a close, and while I’ve made strides, I’m likely not doing nearly enough ahead of time.  So…despite it being a gorgeous day here in New Haven, I’m hankering down and as God as my witness, I’m going to finalize our CD-favor playlist and subsequently finish creating our CD cover.

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Confession: I totally started my DIY projects last summer…but I have yet to finish them.

If you checked out my inspiration board, you may have noticed that there is a big ol’ honking book cover that’s prominently displayed:

Image from

This happens to be from the 60’s-era Scribner Library Classics series and is my primary influence when it comes to designing our favors and our programs.

You see, I have a thing for vintage paperbacks due to their tendency to have strong, minimal graphics (but I also just happen to love old books in general).  I used to drag the RG to my favorite used bookstore in Paoli, PA armed with a $20 bill, and usually would come out a little sneezy (due to the mold and dust) and with a pile of books.  Sadly, the Paoli Book X-change has since closed (the last time I passed by it the building was completely gutted, to my horror), but it will live on in the spirit of the party as…

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