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Confession: though a professed foodie, I am by no means a competent chef.

Well, that may be a bit harsh (I have been honing my knife skills lately, I suppose) but it’s not too far off from the truth.  In reality, the RG is is the one who cooks–I am the humble taster/barmaid/sommelier in our little household.  I’m also often responsible for picking either some of the weekday dishes or the the more elaborate weekend meals, and therefore I’ll turn to one of the many titles in our small culinary library:

(Yes, we really have over twenty titles.  The bottom shelf and half of the middle shelf are devoted to my old New Yorkers)

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Confession: I’m kinda crushing on the suitcases I bought for the bridesmaids.

Make that completely crushing on them.

Let me start out by saying that I am quite the Wes Anderson fan–I can watch The Royal Tenenbaums ad nauseum, and I think my pals are a little sick of me playing the Life Aquatic Stuido Sessions with Seu Jorge whenever there’s a party.  His obsessive attention to detail kills me–from wardrobe to set design to soundtrack choices, what seems like an odd mix of random elements becomes cohesive and pitch-perfect under his direction:

(Image from

And the promotional shots of the Louis-Vuitton designed luggage for The Darjeeling Limited have been in my mind for a while and I wanted to work them into my wedding aesthetic somehow:

(image from Rushmore Academy)

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