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Confession: Sex and the City is a show that I can still watch over and over…

I’d like think one of the main reasons why so many women continue to be attached to Sex and the City is because the general plotlines are all immediately identifiable, much as those of us hate to be identified with the ladies bopping around the city on the SATC bus tour.  As fun as the fluffy, consumerist angle of the show was, the heart of it lay with the friendship of the four women, and the life experiences we watched them go through week in and week out.  All six seasons reside happily in my media library, albeit a little battered (those cheap cases are all broken…durr).

And though the whole Aidan-Big-Carrie triangle makes Season 3 tough to watch, Charlotte planning her wedding adds a serious amount of comic relief:

(from “Running with Scissors”–specifically the first four minutes):

I love Mario Cantone.  I wish Anthony Marantino was here helping me plan this wedding.

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