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Confession: beading is kind of a big deal to me.

Welcome to my first DIY! In addition to my own jewelry, I’m making each of my bridesmaids a bracelet in my color palette as a small part of their overall gift (but more on that later). I realize that I should probably be working on the more complicated bridal necklace instead of something so simple, but I do have to make six of them, so better start now than forget.

Would you like to step into my bead studio? It’s very spacious, as you can see:

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Confession: designing my bridal necklace is much tougher than I thought it would be.

Designing and making jewelry has been a particular passion of mine since I was but a young girl stringing seed beads to monofilament line and weaving friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss.  Since then, I’d like to say my designs have become a little more elaborate.

First, the inspiration for some of my more recent projects:


From left to right:  Marni and Louis Vuitton, two of my favorite design houses.  I love me some Consuela Castiglioni and Marc Jacobs.

And here is my take on them:

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