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Confession: I’m writing a packing list for the honeymoon…now.

So I promised I’d reveal our actual honeymoon destination, but to be honest, I was petrified of doing so until we bought our tickets a few days ago.  There’s one direct flight in and out of Newark on Continental that wasn’t crazy expensive (provided you’re OK flying on Sundays) to our destination, and of course I panicked about not being able to get seats for us in time, and we’d be forced to fly out of somewhere else or on a different carrier.

Needless to say, my fears were groundless (heehee, silly pun) and we have booked two seats each way to fly to…

(Here’s a hint:)

(image from

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Confession: sometimes some jazz, wine and talk of non-wedding topics are all you need to relax.

The reality that this thing isn’t all that far away has led the RG and I to get a little stressed out.  Couple this with some friend issues–mostly concern/annoyance at how others are reacting to things–and sometimes, you just gotta vent.

The RG was not in the best of moods when I made my nightly “I’m on the train” call, and it would be a lie to say I wasn’t feeling misanthropic myself.  Popping in a newish Charles Mingus CD my brother copied for me as I drove from the garage to the apartment, I made a resolution:  No television tonight.  Instead, we were going to drink wine, listen to jazz and write (we’re both enthusiastic writers) until the new Top Chef came on.

Image from  This is an a-maaaay-zing album, by the way.

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Confession: the vacation that comes after this whole shebbang is the real incentive to get through all of this pageantry

For a variety of reasons–not a lot of vacation time, many obligations bogarting said vacation time, plus not wanting to ask my grad-student FI to shell out a ton of money–this reluctant bride and groom don’t get to take real vacations much.  It gets to be a bummer at times, of course, especially in March when pictures start going up from friends going on cruises and the like over spring break (which, in of itself, is something that I haven’t recognized since college).  But we manage where we can–day trips to New York on the Metro North and jaunts to the local beach have gone a long way in adding some (relatlively cheap) fun to our springs and summers past and will be something we rely on heavily this year as well.

That said, we will be on a plane come October 5th, flying out to go on our honeymoon.  Where to, you may ask?  I’ll tell you…….later (I know, I’m a tease!) but for those looking for ideas on someplace different (but not too different) to go, allow me to make the humble suggestion of:

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Confession: there were no visits on my part to any reception venues until we put down the deposit.

One of the challenges in planning a wedding long-distance is the fact that I cannot visit every single vendor when we need to make the decision about choosing them or not.  When it came to where we were going to have the reception, I had to charge my parents with doing the visiting for me–I had to sit down with the wedding issue of Main Line Today on Christmas and look at the the nice chart they provide that breaks down criteria such as price/head, basic amenities provided, the style of the location (traditional, modern, rustic, etc.) as well as the location itself.

When it came to picking a venue, I did have some criteria:

  • Since Center City was out as an option (too far from the church), the reception had to be somewhere with local tourist attractions and a few options for people to stay in if they wished to
  • Had to have good word-of-mouth
  • Had to be reasonably priced
  • Couldn’t be cheesy or too theme-y–no lame country motif

With this in mind, I drew up a shortlist of places for my parents to visit in my stead come January:

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Confession: I am a reluctant bride.

Hey kids.

So…I’m about seven months out from D-day, i.e. my wedding.  I’ve been planning this shindig for a year and a half now but recently it’s all become very, very real.  As in, “Lady, you finally have to get up and DO all of those wonderful projects you have planned for this party!”  Plus, I’m a long-distance bride living in New England while the event is in Southeast Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, so even though I’ve enjoyed a year and a half of being an absent bride, that honeymoon is decidedly over.

 So why the reluctance?

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