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Confession: we didn’t finish the CD on Sunday…but today we have a solid first draft.

So we didn’t finish the tracklist like I wanted Sunday…but we did register!  But that’s another post.

Instead, last night, I pinned the reluctant groom down and we hemmed, hawed, imported, split, and integrated tracks to create what we have as our perfect first go-round:


Who’s ready to WORK?

(Image from


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Confession: Sex and the City is a show that I can still watch over and over…

I’d like think one of the main reasons why so many women continue to be attached to Sex and the City is because the general plotlines are all immediately identifiable, much as those of us hate to be identified with the ladies bopping around the city on the SATC bus tour.  As fun as the fluffy, consumerist angle of the show was, the heart of it lay with the friendship of the four women, and the life experiences we watched them go through week in and week out.  All six seasons reside happily in my media library, albeit a little battered (those cheap cases are all broken…durr).

And though the whole Aidan-Big-Carrie triangle makes Season 3 tough to watch, Charlotte planning her wedding adds a serious amount of comic relief:

(from “Running with Scissors”–specifically the first four minutes):

I love Mario Cantone.  I wish Anthony Marantino was here helping me plan this wedding.

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Confession: meeting with the reception sales team was a little scary at first.

So I mentioned that I hadn’t really seen the reception venue prior to saying “OK!  Let’s do it here!”  Given that we had so little time to make the decision, I trusted all of the glowing compliments from everyone when they asked “Where are you having your reception?”

About a month after we made the deposit, the FI and I  traveled down to Mendenhall to really have a good look at it–though I’ve seen it countless times as we would drive down PA-52 en route to I-95 to head to the shore, I (eek!) never ate there nor actually saw much inside save for the photographs on their website (which did include our ballroom, so it wasn’t like I was going in there completely blind).

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Confession: Music is going to be a huge deal at this wedding. Well, at least at the reception.

You see, Madonna was right:  music really does make the people come together.



Well, that seems to be the case at this particular wedding.  The FI and I are very much music people, and while we have yet to do our pre-cana (more on that debacle later), we have been thinking about the kind of music we want to have at our wedding.

First off, given that our song is by Andrew Bird off of The Mysterious Production of Eggs:

                       51ctz9s6n3l__sl500_aa240_.jpgimage from

Want to know what it is?  Join me after the jump! (I know, I’m such a tease.)

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Confession: there were no visits on my part to any reception venues until we put down the deposit.

One of the challenges in planning a wedding long-distance is the fact that I cannot visit every single vendor when we need to make the decision about choosing them or not.  When it came to where we were going to have the reception, I had to charge my parents with doing the visiting for me–I had to sit down with the wedding issue of Main Line Today on Christmas and look at the the nice chart they provide that breaks down criteria such as price/head, basic amenities provided, the style of the location (traditional, modern, rustic, etc.) as well as the location itself.

When it came to picking a venue, I did have some criteria:

  • Since Center City was out as an option (too far from the church), the reception had to be somewhere with local tourist attractions and a few options for people to stay in if they wished to
  • Had to have good word-of-mouth
  • Had to be reasonably priced
  • Couldn’t be cheesy or too theme-y–no lame country motif

With this in mind, I drew up a shortlist of places for my parents to visit in my stead come January:

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Confession: I’m mildly obsessed with color.

color-picture.jpg“Every true artist has been inpsired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them than by the concrete subject of the picture.”

–Piet Mondrian

When it comes to art, I tend to be drawn to strong color and line; it’s little wonder that this Picasso is easily my favorite work of art.  I’m also a huge fan of Frank Stella and the aforementioned Piet Mondrian–the former because he uses bold strokes of many colors but in simple geometric patterns so that the color and line are the focus, and the latter because of his strict adherence to primary colors as his career progressed.  The MoMA in New York is unsurprisingly one of my favorite places in the whole world, as I can awash myself in this minimalist goodness.  In fact, for any brides looking for inspiration who will also be in the New York area between now and May 12, this exhibit may be of help–I’ll be seeing it myself this weekend, and will post photographs of anything that particularly catches my eye.

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